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" What can I say after the workshops at Paulinka and Łukasz?

Only positive things, SERIOUS!  


But let's start from the beginning ..

Paulinka and Łukasz are, above all, very dear people. Open, warm, with great hearts and souls.  

The workshop was attended by people both starting their adventure with wedding photography and those already advanced. Still, no one felt inferior / better. Nobody was treated in advance. Everyone got answers to their questions, support and help with development / blockades.

The workshops themselves are a huge amount of knowledge! All days the head ached from the information (of course, a plus). They wanted us to be satisfied with the workshops and come out with a change, both photographic and spiritual.  After the workshops, I left with a different approach to wedding photography, to relationships with couples. These are what opened my head and thanks to them I shot up with my portfolio, orders and level of creativity.

It was only after other workshops that I realized how much you gave me. I am sure that after any others I will not have such a leap as for yours. 

At first, I was surprised that there were people who had attended the workshops before. And now? Now I am looking forward to meeting you again! You are wonderful people who really want to share your knowledge - and there aren't many of them.


I hug you and I hope that we will meet again someday!  "

Natalia pilch

"I came to the workshops through Asia. Last year I chose workshops, this year I relied on her and I was not disappointed  


Even though almost a month has passed since them, I am still overwhelmed by great emotions and I am not able to convey everything I feel. Thank you very much for the knowledge provided, practical advice, for honesty, for treating us equally and, above all, for the warm atmosphere that you have created and emotions. You did your best and it was obvious that it cost you a lot of work and emotions. It was not only a workshop (tap off and then another group), it was also a path to the inside of every person who was there. I didn't expect to cry at them because I'm rather tough and it happens very rarely to me. However, you managed to arouse these emotions in me.


After the workshops, I got a lot of motivation and freshness in action. A moment later, however, there was a crisis again. Especially in one report where the witness had a fuchsia dress (it's hard with this color for me). I rummaged in it for a week, but I took an important sentence from the workshop (of course, I was not the only one I learned from it) to strive for the natural color of my skin. Apparently obvious, but somewhere a lot of photographers lose it on the way in the favor of the perfect feed in one color. I was rummaging around for a week in this reportage, until I finally got these colors and went even further than I wanted  The colors were finally true to reality. Although it was very, very hard with me in this fight, after this bumpy road all the joy and willingness to work on the processing returned!  


In addition to processing, I still have a lot of work to do with the couple in sessions, offers, playing canvie, instagram and many more. I have it all in my plans, because after the workshops the motivation is huge! Ideally, I would do it already, but all of this has to wait for a while after delivering materials from this season  


I promise you will not disappoint, and for sure  you will notice this development after the workshop, which makes you so happy  


Summing up, someone asked me "was it worth it?" Of course I will say yes! "

Ilona cooed

"Paulina, thank you for our wonderful meeting and a warm welcome at your home. Without a doubt, it was a day full of inspiration and motivation for me to continue creating and looking for myself. These were my first workshops, they are, therefore I am very grateful to you for your individual approach. and the will to get to know me and the issues that make me difficult. I came back from the workshop full of energy and ready to act - I still have in my head your commandment "Work hard and be good to people" :) When worse times come to me and when something does not work out as if I wanted to, I do not give up, and these words are with me :)
Thank you for the many tips and skills that I am now richer for and for a great session with very nice people. Hand on heart, I heartily recommend your workshops! I am convinced that you will help many more souls who are looking for themselves. Thank you! "

Aga Sopel

"A wonderful woman and a photographer with true passion!  :)  <3  He puts his whole heart into his work and devotes all himself to the best effect. Workshops with Paulina were for me a lot of theoretical and practical knowledge, but above all a fantastic time spent with a very nice grandmother  :). Paulina is able to motivate and believe in her own abilities, thus giving a great kick to action!  :). I think the photos she creates reflect her whole personality. Artistic soul, not afraid to sue emotions, sensitive to the surrounding beauty "

justyna kokiec-klos

"Because I like to write such things completely fresh, today I want to tell you a few words about Paulina's workshops. Going home (and I came to her from Łódź) I had a moment to arrange everything in my head elegantly. These two days gave me a lot more than any other workshop before, not only because of the enormous knowledge of Paulina, which she shared with me with great openness, but also because of the knowledge I have gained about ... myself!  to do and what not to do, why I do it and why I love it so much! Paulina, apart from being a totally talented photographer, is also a wonderful person, full of warmth and inner wisdom that totally surprises in combination with age! He is also a great psychologist! I highly recommend the workshops for confrontation with yourself and finally on the right path! PS. There are also cats to eat and to eat cookies! 

Joanna piesiak

" I was driving yesterday and I was thinking about those days in Janice. From the first moments when you greeted me and when you started talking, I knew that these  workshops  will be totally different than all the ones I've been to! As I mentioned my first wedding, but I'm glad  with you :) I got so much ... let's say non-photographic things ... Of course I say it positively, because I realized that photography is something  more than  just the camera me and the people.
It's emotions ...
It's feelings ..
It's magic..
Although it is important in photography! I'm always focused
  to get as many technical things as possible from such meetings and here I learned something deeper!
It was good
  workshop  psychological. Maybe I haven't fully opened up, but I'm still very open to people! I listened more than I spoke, but I think that is also due to my little experience in this industry. This totally wedding :)
But you showed
  I have a completely different approach to immortalizing life .. You totally participate in it! You're feathering! I am so impressed with the way you talk about it all! I thought I knew I had to  to get to know  couple that I want that I know how to arouse  they have these freedom, but it happened to me  really  it just seemed ... I can't wait  first session with a couple after these  workshops! I will approach it completely differently!
I do not hide that weddings are simply done
  afraid of this  that this is the moment and I am not good enough, really .. but I would like to! If I ever had someone  I love it so much, I would like your team (Ty and Rysie) to include it in beautiful frames ...! You are crossing the boundaries! And people still have too much of the limits of their imagination !!!
Thank you for wrapping me in something
  new, which I cannot name  ️ !!! "

nicole szlezinger

" Paulina, Luke  



I am coming back to Poznań and I cannot focus on the treatment of baptism, so I decided to write a few words to you. I wonder how could I say thank you, but I don't  no idea if I am able to  convey everything that I would like to.   Unfortunately, I wasn't lucky with my friends, people around me (maybe except my husband   ) I was afraid of what it would be like, what kind of people  at the workshop I will meet what you will be like!
At the very beginning, I did not expect that you would come to greet us, just talk to us. Do you know what pleased my heart the most?
   Your reaction .. You asked if something happened  going on that i have to go on  research, and your reaction to my words was   the same as my friends to whom I passed the news of early pregnancy. It turned out that fear only has big eyes,   You have big hearts and all participants   they are good sensitive souls. Throughout the workshop, I felt taken care of,  like at home.  


  gave me these 2 days? 

Confidence that what I am doing is good, that what my heart has been longing for is good. As I told you, I currently have too much
   everything at once. Full-time work, cooperation with DJ (piecework weddings), mine  families. I lost myself in  rushing and I forgot my heart. You reminded me how  it is important. I come back changed, full of inspiration. You proved to me that high sensitivity is a trait that is not  you can be ashamed. Thanks to her, we are unique,  we see more, we feel more. My photographic soul is at least a level higher.

I come back with good energy and I know it will only get better. I come back with a sense of belonging to a crazy photographic family.

Emilka, thank you for the enormity of a warm heart, and especially for openness. For every smile and good advice, for good energy and for being so loved!

Now I know that not only I like to watch and cry at fairy tales.
I believe that good energy will be with me forever, and my egg
   in the stomach it will turn out to be a miracle in the workshop, because the chances of developing a bubble were really small :) 

Ps. I look weird crying on the train, but somehow that doesn't bother me too much.
Ps. 1. If you are organizing another event or workshop and you need help, write to us. Organizational matters are my favorite plot. Anyway, you've seen that I don't like standing and
Ps.2 ALWAYS, but I am ALWAYS inviting you for a cup of coffee when you are near Poznań



I embrace you as much as I can  "

Monika Kapalczynska

"I came across Paulina and Łukasz's workshops quite accidentally with someone on Instagram.
I was looking for a photo workshop, because the previous ones on which I was registered were canceled twice due to sanitary and epidemiological restrictions. After describing the workshop program, I had mixed feelings. Is this the program I need? Will the workshops help me on my photographic path at all? The workshops took place in a picturesque place - Folwark Ruchenka, it is an amazing place that perfectly harmonized with the souls of participants and organizers.

I learned many new things about photography, but my mind underwent real revolutions in the topics of user experience and for working on my own self. During the workshops, Łukasz conducted two exercises of working on his own soul. I haven't got into what exactly is going on yet, but it's some quantum magic! The revelation of this my soul needed and I will introduce it into my daily life once or twice.

The atmosphere at the workshops was so great that right after leaving them during the first contact, outside at the gas station, they were unpleasant to each other. Then I realized very much, among fantastic people I was in Folwark!
The most breakthrough moment for me will be the moment when Paulina hugged me goodbye and said words to which when I come back I have tears of emotion.
Really, Paulina, these last words have deeply anchored in my heart. I think that when we meet for the second time in our life, you will meet me the way you saw me hidden inside me and you figured me out to the point;) These few words mean more to me than thousands of spoken during the whole workshop.

Thank you Paulina and Łukasz for this fantastic time, and I recommend the workshops with all my heart! "

Kamil Malec

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