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I am Paulina. I am a seeker of light and all that is fleeting. Gestures, words, touch, looks, smells, colors and emotions. I am involved in photography 24 hours a day, the camera is always next to my bed. I reluctantly let it go. I study psychology, I ride horses, I travel. I love meeting new people and being surrounded by their wonderful energy. I talk a lot. I follow adventures, discover unobvious places and, most of all, tell magical stories about amazing people.

I love my work above all else, It is born out of passion and wrapped with a tremendous amount of learning, exploring and trying, but the effort I put into making your stories always pays off. There is nothing more beautiful than your permission to let me into your world.  I am so happy when I silently observe This wonderful wedding day, when I can see your fleeting glances and gestures. Every time I am proud that you have trusted me and let me show your story with my  eyes. Everyone sees the world differently, we perceive the same events ... but we remember them in a different way. I can see the tenderness and delicacy that surrounds you and that's what my reports are. Full of warmth, understanding, naturalness and love.

Through my eyes, rediscover yourselves again!



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