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There is nothing more untamed, infinite and more beautiful than the cosmos in which we live. Your photography is like the Milky Way among the Galaxies, unique, still undiscovered and surprising. Let's try to discover together another planet emitting a beautiful glow! I can describe my cosmic reports, and thus workshops, with one adjective


And it is this word that will most often circulate among the sentences spoken during our work. I will show you and tell you about many things, but it is the emotional frames that I will focus the most on. I would like to show you how to work with people in love with each other, both at the time of the session and before it, so that each of your photos carries something more than just a pose.

I adjust the workshop program to individual needs, if you would like to know its outline, I invite you to contact us via the form at the bottom.



Two-day workshop

One-day workshops 

Online consultations



Wrocław or your city

Whenever it suits you




I am Paulina and I have been dealing with photography for 10 years. and since 6 am I try to be a real best friend from photos of my wedding couples.

For 3 years I have been running wedding photography workshops in various forms - from individual classes, through online consultations to group workshops. I love it almost as much as I love photographing people! Thanks to the experience and dozens of hours devoted to my students, I try to constantly improve the workshop program to make it possible. both full of knowledge as well as motivation and inspiration.

In addition, I am constantly training and working with foreign photographers.

Come on! I will help you with this journey and blow your photographic sails!



Aga Sopel

"Paulina, thank you for our wonderful meeting and a warm welcome at your home. Without a doubt, it was a day full of inspiration and motivation for me to continue creating and looking for myself. These were my first workshops, they are, therefore I am very grateful to you for your individual approach. and the will to get to know me and the issues that make me difficult. I came back from the workshop full of energy and ready to act - I still have in my head your commandment "Work hard and be good to people" :) When worse times come to me and when something does not work out as if I wanted to, I do not give up, and these words are with me :)
Thank you for the many tips and skills that I am now richer for and for a great session with very nice people. Hand on heart, I heartily recommend your workshops! I am convinced that you will help many more souls who are looking for themselves. Thank you!"

Julia Wiszniewska

" Paulina is primarily guided by this approach when conducting workshops - to match them perfectly to the participant and his needs.  It's hard to describe emotions and all that I learned at Paulina's workshops. What was important to me was the fact not to take out of the workshops only nice presets, frames from the sessions and the antidote "how to be a photographer like Pietraszkiewicz" just to find your own way. So if you have such an approach, workshops at Paulina's will be the best choice for several reasons:

1. He shares his knowledge of nothing, hiding absolutely nothing. When you leave the workshop, you do not have the impression that someone has shared a small percentage of their work with you, but you feel that Paulina has shared everything you wanted with you.

2. Knowledge is transferred in an extremely substantive and specific way.

3. He tells the truth, is honest, strips off the illusions of various "spend"

4. Is committed from start to finish and gives you as much time as you need.

5. And most importantly: there is contact with her after the workshop, Paulina is always happy to give advice, help and advise.


To sum up: Paulinka will make your brain steam after the workshop and your heart burn. Is there a better recommendation? "

Asia Piesiak

"Because I like to write such things completely fresh, today I want to tell you a few words about Paulina's workshops. Going home (and I came to her from Łódź) I had a moment to arrange everything in my head elegantly. These two days gave me a lot more than any other workshop before, not only because of the enormous knowledge of Paulina, which she shared with me with great openness, but also because of the knowledge I gained about ... myself! About what I want to do and what I don't want to do anymore, about why I do it and why I love it so much! Paulina, apart from being a totally talented photographer, is also a wonderful person, full of warmth and inner wisdom that totally surprises with age! She is also a great psychologist! with yourself and to finally set off on the right path!  "

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