"Paulina, I don't know even how to beginning thanking you. Watching the pictures you took brings me just the beautiful moments of September 30th. 

The house, the garden, all the smiles.. everything looks like a dream!  
We both know how crazy it was and somehow you managed to keep the memory of the most important thing on that day. Our love for each other, for the family, and their love for us.

I found you when I was at the airport in Amsterdan waiting for my flight to Poland. I typed "Slubna Fotografia" on facebook and between lots of weird photographers there you were!
I remember I sent to Krzys around 5 names and yours I told him I liked the most.
For our lucky, you answered to his call! 
I remember Krzys saying: We gonna like her, she is crazy! She has a job in the evening but she likes our story so she wants to do it!

Just like this we choose the person who would give all the magic for such an important day.
We are so glad this person was you!

Thank you again for sharing your love with us!"

-Rafaela Huguenin 


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